What every blogger needs to know

Simple Blogging Tips: What Every Blogger Needs to Know

Looking for some simple blogging tips and powerful writing wisdom? You’ve come to the right place. Here are a few things every blogger needs to know.

Blogging and Teamwork

This is my year of teamwork. It’s the year that I lay fears aside, share my strengths and struggles, build others up, and grow myself. In his book The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork, author John Maxwell states, “You cannot do anything of real value alone.” I’ve certainly found this to be true in my life. Blogging is a team sport. It’s all about community.

The more I connect with others, the more I grow, the more this site grows, and the more fun blogging becomes. This is why today, I want to ask for your help. What are some important tips that every blogger needs to know?

I’ll start by sharing four of my favorite blogging tips. Then, add yours.

Simple Blogging Tips: What Every Blogger Needs to Know

I discovered linky parties about a month ago. As a result, I’ve made more blogging friends in the last month than I did in the previous year–leading me to wish that I had known about these sooner. Today, I’m wondering what other awesome tools, strategies, and ideas I’m missing out on. The goal of this post is twofold:

  • First, it’s to share my best blogging wisdom with you.
  • Second, it’s to ask you to leave your favorite blogging tips, tricks, and ideas in the comments so I can learn from you.

My Best Blogging Advice

Here are four of the most important things that I have learned in my year-and-a-half of blogging.

Blogging Tip 1: Be quotable!

This advice comes from my friend Adam Smith. I wrote about the impact Adam’s words had on my life in a post entitled Two Words That Helped Me Grow as a Speaker. This article was one of Adam’s top-ten posts!

Learning to write in short, memorable statements has improved my writing and speaking significantly. Taking the time to eliminate wordiness and craft a finely tuned sentence is well worth the effort. Some of the best blogging wisdom I know is, be quotable! Make your words easy to remember and even easier to share. This is, by far, the best blogging wisdom I know.

Blogging Tip 2: Get consistent.

I do my best to post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week. I’m not 100% consistent yet, but I am improving. The more consistent I get, the easier that writing becomes. Write daily. Block off uninterrupted time. Put together a schedule and stick with it.

To put this blogging strategy into action, try writing a little bit every day. You will be astounded at how much gets accomplished in a year.

Blogging Tip 3: Team up with other bloggers.

Teamwork works. The more that I engage with others, the more they engage back. I remember the first time I left a comment on someone else site. I read and re-read what I wrote many times over before pushing that horrendous “submit button.” Thinking about permanently engraving my words in cyber-space was intimidating. Fortunately, engagement becomes easier with practice.

To follow this blogging advice, making new blogging friends by being friendly.

Blogging Tip 4: Relentlessly add value to the lives of others.

When I visit other blogs, one of my goals is to add value in some way. This might happen by leaving a comment, using the “click to tweet” button,  or sharing the post on one of my favorite social media sites. I add value to the lives of others because of the joy of serving. I also do it out of selfish motives. I’ve noticed that the more I give, the more others return the favor. Thus, my motives are not always 100% pure. Nevertheless, engaging with others works, it’s fun, and in the end, everybody wins. 

Put this blogging tip into action by relentlessly adding value to the lives of others. Grow your platform with service. 

These are four of the most important things I’ve learned about blogging over the past year. But I know that there is much more to be said. What am I missing, and what other powerful blogging tips do you have? I look forward to hearing your best blogging wisdom in the comments below!

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Jed Jurchenko

Jed Jurchenko is the husband to an incredible wife, daddy to four amazing girls, and a foster dad to one more. He's served as a children's pastor, marriage and family therapist, psychology professor, award-winning writing coach, and life coach. Jed is the author of 23 books on relationships, parenting, writing, and doing life well. In his free time, you'll find Jed reading, preparing for an upcoming marathon, barbecuing, paddle boarding, and enjoying life with his incredible family. Find out more about Jed's books, coaching, and courses at www.ithrive320.com.

65 thoughts on “Simple Blogging Tips: What Every Blogger Needs to Know”

  1. I totally agree with all your points! Link parties have been a great resource to me since I started blogging and I love the interaction that follows with leaving comments for other bloggers. I still get super excited every time I have a new comment on a blog post! The scheduling thing I am still working on, but I’ll get there! Thanks for sharing!

    Visiting from the Bloggers Pit Stop link party

    1. Thanks Jody,

      Same here. The new connections, interaction, and collaboration with others, have become one of the highlights of me week. Thanks for stopping by and joining in 🙂

  2. Hiya Jed. I don’t have a post to linkup, but I wanted to comment and share some thoughts. I’ve had blogs that were absolute failures and I have had blogs that I consider to be enormously successful. I’ve left them all for various reasons. My current blog (1Glories) is one I have committed to for the long-term and I have been frustrated many times because I could not generate the level of momentum that I foolishly thought would just happen by mimicking the things I did on my successful blogs. I realized that not only had my topic changed, my design changed, social media had changed, my audience had changed… even my writer’s voice had changed! So, if I had to say what the best advice about blogging I can offer is, it is that there is no one “formula” to success. There are tips, tactics and strategies that may apply – but the reality is this: your blog is an ever-evolving extension of your message. What works today, may not work tomorrow and vice-versa. Be willing to try new things and be willing to give up things you really like/enjoy if it does not resonate with your audience.

    1. Thanks Chad, and I hope you come back and join the link-up soon. I love your posts over at 1Glories, and would be honored to have you join in. Feel free to link-up old posts too.

      Thanks for the words of blogging wisdom. You are so right. My own site has changed so much in the last year. Growing and allowing the site, and our writing, to grow with us is so important. Wishing you an incredible week!

      1. So here’s the thing… I just now figured out how to “add a link” to your linkups. :O Guess it’s very true that you have to keep learning and trying new things with your blogs.

    2. Chad, Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been blogging since late 2013 and have learned a lot over the last two years. But the thing that keeps coming back to me is that just because something worked for someone else doesn’t mean it’ll work for me. Thanks for the encouragement to try new things and let go of things.

  3. For me, the best part of blogging is the relationships. I have moments (like yesterday) when I get discouraged that I don’t have a larger reach . . . but then I remember all the wonderful connections I’ve made. The friends I’ve made all over the world that bless me daily. That is really good stuff. God bless you.

    1. Hey Deb,

      Yes, the relationship are what keep me going too. I know all too well about those discouraging days. Know that I appreciate your writing, have your site bookmarked to visit each week, and am honored to have you as a new blogging friend this year.

  4. I think for me blogging is a process. A process of development and growth. You have to have that mindset of growth to constantly improve through small efforts. There will be highs and lows. Just focus on the process and fall in love with it. The results and rewards will come later when you least expect it. Just focus on the process.

    1. Hey Kirby,

      Your thoughts remind me of a statement our dean would make, back when I was in graduate school. He would state over and over again, “Trust the process.” It was his way of encouraging us student’s to complete assignments without arguing, debating, or trying to find a loop-hole, and instead to go though each step that was required along the way.

      I think blogging is similar. Growth is a process. We might as well accept this and, as you said so well, enjoy the high’s and lows along the way. This is such good advice.

    1. Thanks Diana,

      Yes, I’ve been learning a lot of the ropes from blogging. I’ve also been picking up quite a bit from you, and other writer friends. Thanks again for all of the encouragement and insights on this journey.

  5. Thanks so much for posting this. I’m a newby to blogging. I’m a writer who has been told to grow a platform or I will never get a book published. So here I am trying to learn social media, blogging, and networking. You make good points that are truly helpful. I will head your advise. Thanks again for the well written and informative post.

    1. Leslie,
      “So here I am trying to learn social media, blogging, and networking…” I loved thata comment. On my third year of blogging and I’m STILL thrown a curveball every once in a while. Maybe it’s because of my age, but the learning curve was tremendous to me at the beginning…I’m slowly getting used to it now 😉 I find it terrifying, annoying AND stimulating at the same time, if that makes any sense…

  6. Great tips you have chosen to share. I also agree on the blog parties..I host my weekend party and join in on many others during the week. I have been blogging for about 8 years now, and have some bloggy friends from way back then who I am still in contact with today. And I’m still meeting new friends every week. There’s such a giant network it’s unfathomable!

    1. Hey Paula,

      You’ve been blogging for 8 years–that is incredible! I wish I had stated sooner. What’s the name of your weekend link-up? I think I’m following yours already, but if not I would love it if you would link to it, so we can join in 🙂 Your right, it really is such an awesome way to team-up.

  7. Great tips and all of these are such an important thing as a blogger! I love how as a blogger we had value to others lives even when we don’t realize it! Thanks for the reminders we should do 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  8. Glad to find your link-up Jed! I just added your button to my link-party page. I have learned so much through blogging! The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to know my “why” of blogging, my “mission statement.” I blog to share God’s hope to those who are struggling (often like me, lol) and the next reason is because I love to write. Every time I get down about my numbers or reach, I remember how far I’ve come and that I’m reaching a lot more people than if I didn’t blog. Secondly, I ask myself if I enjoy doing it. Most of the time I love it and prefer it to watching TV (in fact I don’t really watch TV anymore). I would also say to join a blogging mastermind group with your same values and goals. It’s so nice to know that other bloggers struggle with the same technical difficulties and time management issues.

    1. Hey Valerie,

      Thank you for adding the Family, Friendship, and Faith, link-up to your list, and for the blogging wisdom. I’ve been hearing a lot about mastermind groups, and have looked into a couple of groups, but haven’t found the right fit yet. Thanks for reminding me of this. Do you have any suggestions on where to find a good mastermind?

      Such great wisdom about knowing our mission too. You have an awesome mission statement. It speaks to me because I’m right there, struggling, learning, and growing with you.

  9. Jed, this is a great list. The only thing I’d add is “find your voice.” For me, it’s made writing easier and better. It’s tempting to try to mimic someone else’s style and content, but God gives each of us a unique voice and message. Write what’s on your heart and what you feel passionate about. Someone in this world needs to hear it.

  10. Thanks for the tips, Jed! I agree with you.

    As a new blogger in this blogging world, finding our voice is important. We also need ask ourselves when we write a post, “where are we going to lead our readers to?” I always pray my posts won’t be just words they read but there is something for them, to encourage and to inspire them. Nothing more than revealing the one true God through every thing I write and share.

    Again, thanks so much for the wisdom!

  11. Some great tips here, thank you! I especially needed #2 Being Consistent. I’ve been blogging for only two months and my biggest challenge is finding time to write. This challenge is contributing to my inconsistency. But onward!! Trying to answer the call.

    Joining you from Susan B Mead’s linkup and surprise, I find your linkup! Thanks for the opportunity to share.

    1. Hey Pam,

      I’ve come across your writing a couple of times this month–I think on some mutual blog-hops. I remember enjoying your posts, but had no idea that you had only been blogging for two months. I just saw that you received a Leibster Award too. Congratulations, that is awesome! I began hosting a link-up every Friday, earlier this year and hope you’ll come back, and join in again. Wishing you an incredible week!

  12. Hi Jed,

    Dropping in from AskLatisha’s TGI Saturdays. Thanks for linking up. First of all, I just want to let you know that I really like your blog. Visiting for the first time today. Reason being you caught my attention when you commented on my blog. So I definitely learned that not only link-ups are a good way to connect with others, but commenting on other’s post as well. I think the advice you give in this post are so true and I agree 100%. Blog post that are way too wordy tend to make me want stop reading and move on, sometimes I try very hard to make it to the end, because I might miss out on something good in that post or because I really want to comment on what I read. I definitely, prefer simple, more quotable post. I like to use the click to tweet or other share features for others, because it is easy and I know I’d want someone else to do that for me. Another favorite of mine is the Commentluv plug-in, because it gives bloggers an opportunity to share their latest post when they comment on your blog. It’s like a little gift for engaging with my blog. Thanks so much for this post. Hope my 2cents were helpful.

    1. Thanks Latisha,

      Yes, your thoughts are very helpful! Thanks for stopping by and for adding to the conversation. Mentioning that you enjoy short, easy to read posts, is something that I needed to hear. One of my goals is to learn to write shorter, more succinct articles, and to post them more often. About 1,000, seem to be my current sweet-spot–I think it’s the college professor side of me. I’d like to get my normal posts down to about half this size. Thank you for being another confirming voice, that short and sweet is the way to go.

      And thank you for all of the encouraging tweets too 🙂

  13. Hi Jed, You made some great points. I love the relationship aspect of blogging and really value the friends I’ve made along the way. I’ve also been very fortunate to be a part of a community of bloggers who truly support one another. So that’s one thing that I’d probably add: find your tribe — not just in terms of followers but friends who can support you in the journey.
    By the way, I found you on TGI Saturdays and I liked what I’ve seen so much that I’ve already subscribed! Wishing you blessings.

    1. Hey Marva,

      Thanks for subscribing and for the words of encouragement. Building a tribe is definitely a key to blogging success. And have that close group of family, and blogging friends, cheering me on, has been key in staying motivated. Thanks for adding this to the conversation!

  14. Great tips here Jed! Practical and easy. I actually try to engage as much as possible with my readers too. It probably is the one area that takes up the most time. Yet, I feel it is so important. Shared this on Google!

    1. Thanks for sharing the post 🙂

      You have such great blogging wisdom too. I’m reading more blogs this year and fewer books, because I enjoy the engagement that blogs bring. It’s awesome to be able to connect with the author, discuss challenging topics with others, and ask questions. I agree, engaging is one of the more time consuming aspects of blogging. Like you, I’m also discovering that it’s worth the effort. Thanks for adding this to the conversation.

  15. I agree, Jed. These are important points for every blogger. I have found a lot encouragement from Michael Hyatt’s blog, who focuses on these points you’ve highlighted for us. Are you familiar with him or his blog? Thanks so much for the linkup and friendliness you’ve shown to me and others!

    1. Yes. I love Michale Hyatt’s blog! I was a part of Platform University for about a year too. In addition to picking up a lot of incredible ideas, I also made some great friends that I continue to stay in contact with. Thanks for adding Michale’s site to our list.

  16. I really want to find a small core group of bloggers excited about sharing what Christ is doing in our lives. I think that finding a tribe that will share my content, whose content i feel good about sharing is really important. All these tips are really great. I really like how Adding value to people’s lives made me think about what I write – am I just yelling my opinions or am I making a difference. Good Job!

    1. Hey Jennifer,

      Your site is awesome and it looks like you have the foundation of a very encouraging tribe in place. I’m looking forward to following along, and think that you will make some great connections, who love to share what Christ is doing in their lives, here on this site too. Welcome, and thank you for joining in the conversation!

  17. I agree that these probably are the 4 most important blogging tips! This is a fantastic post. Thanks for adding value to my blog as well. I also find that the Comment Luv adds value to people who leave comments. Thanks for your link-up. I retweeted you as well!

  18. What wonderful tips, I really have to agree with you. Once you are focusing on helping others and not focusing on “making money” your quality of work gets better and your followers are more receptive! Having quotable words is helpful for getting people to share your content on social media! I hope you have a blessed week!!

  19. Excellent advice. I am a new blogger and have added more link parties every week. By commenting on other’s blogs, I am also making new friends – one of the unexpected blessings of blogging. Thanks for this post. I have pinned it to my Blogging Board and Tweeted one of your tweets. I will be joining your Friday link party this week.

  20. Teaming up with others has been the best thing for my blog. Its funny that in the beginning, I just thought that people would find my blog. Thank you to all of you that host link parties and allow us a place to showcase our work.

  21. Great tips! I especially love the one about joining a community. It’s so true – it really does start with being friendly (and genuine). It’s one of my favorite things about blogging! So glad I found your blog through the Tuesday Talk link-up 🙂

  22. Some great and sound advice, Jed. I’ve been blogging for two years now, and I’m still learning about the odds and ends of it all. I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned from the very short time that I’ve been a part of this blogging world is to know your purpose well. Once you’ve figured out your true purpose, the rest points to that direction making it easier to find content to write about, and in turn, use social media and other outlets to promote what you have to say.

    I also learned that having good quality content is only as good if you promote it. So I agree with your advice–add value to other people’s work. It’s good blogging etiquette that they’ll do the same for you–share it, tweet it, etc… Like you said, everyone wins. You get your name out there, and both your and another blogger’s words spreads throughout.

    Thanks for such an insightful post! Glad I found you on Tuesday talk this week!

    1. Hey Maria,

      You are so right about the importance of sharing your content. When I started writing, I was told, “Write good content and people will come.” I’ve learned that writing high-quality content is only the first step. Learning to share that content in a respectful way is equally as important.

      And why shouldn’t bloggers share their content with others? We are adding value to the lives of others. Hiding that value simply wouldn’t be right.

      Thanks for joining in the conversation. I hope you’ll come back, and share your posts and insights again soon!

  23. I’m approaching my “blogiversary” (I think that’s the right term) and thinking about things I wish I had known in the beginning. There’s always so much to learn in blogging, which makes it both daunting, exciting and fun. Everyone tells you to focus on content and adding value to the reader, which I wholeheartedly agree with. I blog as a fellow traveller on the road to simplicity and health, so I think keeping it real and authentic is one of my highest goals. Also – write all your passwords down from the beginning – you will need them…and won’t be able to remember all of them!

    1. Hey Angela,

      Happy blogiversary! Excellent advice about writing passwords down too. I’ve had many password rests this year, before I finally came up with a good system to keep track of them all. Thanks for stopping by and joining in. I’m wishing you many, excellent years of blogging!

  24. This is terrific advice. I’ve enjoyed linky parties for some time. I found that emailing responses to comments when possible and also putting my responses on the blog let the public know I answer comments and got the response directly to the commenter.

    Please drop by and say hello!
    Harvest Lane Cottage
    …doing what I can with what I’ve got where I am
    on a short shoestring budget!

  25. I love blogging for some of the same reasons you mentioned, friendships, meeting new folks, giving encouragement and receiving it in the dark times of life. Keep on blogging and encouraging others

  26. Love your blog–and all the topics you’re sharing such valuable content about. I especially love your team spirit as a couple in ministry, leading your home in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Found you at A Little R&R Wednesday and hope to be linking in more regularly with you. Take joy and God’s best as you serve Him in Blogland!

  27. This is the second thing I’m came across from you two today! I didn’t know you ran a linky, so I’ll definitely link up. Happy Thursday to you both! <3

  28. Those are some great tips! I know I need to be more consistent in my writing. Thanks for that reminder. If I wrote each day (even if I didn’t post it) I can see how I would improve… I’ve been blogging for 6 years. The most important thing that I’ve learned in that time is to always respond to comments left on my blog. Always. When people take the time to comment, they will feel validated and their effort appreciated when we respond. I’ve also made incredible connections that way…in fact, some of my dearest friends (some that I’ve even met IRL now!) have been by developing relationships through comments.

    I’m so glad I’ve found your blog! Praying you have a great day!

    Blessings, Joan

  29. Great tips! Not sure if anyone else posted about this or not, but one of my top sharers has been via Pinterest groups. Find several group boards that fit your niche and then share your posts there.

    I’m glad to have found you recently. It’s nice to meet you!

  30. Yay – another party! Great post, Jed, and I’m so grateful you shared it at OUR party 😉
    I took the liberty to add it to our link party directory (http://patandcandy.com/where-we-party) so I don’t miss it (again) in the future!!
    I’d also add submitting and accepting guest posts. (This kind of ties in with your #3 and #4 suggestions.) They can be a wonderful way to help a fellow blogger fill their editorial calendar (another helpful tool!) and enlarge your audience – win-win!
    Really enjoying your blog…keep up the good work!!

    1. You have a great looking site. I’d be honored to have you share it! Out of curiosity, what brought you over to Coffee Shop Conversations? 🙂

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