Inspired writers - how to find your writing inspiration and keep it

Inspired Writers: Find your writing inspiration and keep it!

Inspired writers write. They put one word in front of the next until the sentence is complete. Then, they do this over and over again!

But staying inspired isn’t always easy.

According to Steven Pressfield, one of the successful writers’ primary jobs is to overcome resistance—or anything that hinders the writer from writing. I love Steven’s book’s because I know resistance well.

Imposter syndrome, perfectionism, a noisy house, the hustle-and-bustle of life, my tendency to over-check email, and the hundreds of little things that must be done when there are five kiddos living at home, all create additional writing resistance.

A desire to overcome resistance is exactly why I’m starting this weekly blog link-up.

Inspired Writers Write and Keep Writing

My friend Eric and I often talk about how we write to remind ourselves what we need to know. This is certainly true for me. The word “inspired” means to breathe into. I write to breathe new ideas and fresh insight into others. But I also write to infuse these same ideas into myself. I think most writers do.

First and foremost, I believe that writes are givers. Books, blog posts, and the writings of others have helped me grow in so many amazing ways. And I write because I long to return the favor.

But there is also a selfish side to this.

According to The Learning Pyramid, our retention rate is only 5% for lectures. We retain 10% of what we read. But we retain 90% of what we teach. In sharing what I’m learning about writing, I also get to remind myself of what I need to hear the most. Inspired writers share what they are learning with others, and in turn, better learn these same ideas themselves.

About six years ago, I heard the words “Writers write.” This powerful phrase finally allowed me to finish the book I longed to write. For months prior to this, I would start writing. Then, I’d get distracted by studying spelling and grammar in attempts to improve my own. Then, I tried to figure out how the publishing industry worked so I could be published traditionally. Finally, I even stopped my own writing to building my social media audience. After all, Writers need an audience, I thought to myself. Of course, none of these things actually helped me get my book finished.

Inspired writers write. I know, because as soon as I heard the words “Writers write,” I stopped messing around. I set my alarm for 5 am, brewed a pot of coffee, sat down at the sticky dining room table, and let the words fly.

Inspired Writers Connect

In the past six years, it’s amazing how much I’ve learned from my fellow authors and bloggers. This is how I know inspired writers connect. I’ve formed so many amazing friendships. This is a second reason I decided to start a weekly link-party. I’d love to create more friendships with other writers.

Ken Blanchard says, “None of us is as smart as all of us,” and he’s right. Connecting with other authors and bloggers infuses fresh ideas, creativity, and joy into what I write.

I know the stereotypical writer holes-up in a cabin in the woods. He’s a recluse, lost in his own thoughts, and consumed by his private world. This, however, isn’t me. And it doesn’t describe a lot of other writers I know either.

Human beings are God-designed to connect. We are made for community. The bottom line is, writing is simply more fun when it’s done together.

Inspired Writers Share and Give

Finally, inspired writers share and give.

I love the phrase abundance mentality. I first heard it from other writers. The idea is that there are more than enough eager readers to go around. Just because a reader reads your amazing content, doesn’t mean that the same reader won’t get connected to mine.

As a marriage and family therapist and coach, I know full well that change is hard. In fact, many people need to hear the same idea from multiple perspectives before the ideas finally sink in. This is why inspired writers share and give.

As someone who loves to encourage others and help them grow, I know your story will impact the lives of people in a way that mine cannot.

It takes all types of blog posts, books, stories, and wisdom to reach all kinds of people.

This is a third reason I’m starting this link-up for family, parenting, relationships, writing, personal growth, and Christian-based posts. There are so many discouraged people in the world today. I truly believe that you have a message to share that other people need to hear!

Inspired writers keep writing

The Inspired Writer’s Invitation

This is why I’m inviting you to join me every Monday-Friday for our ITHRIVE Writer’s link-up. The goal is to provide each other with encouragement, friendship, share writing wisdom, have fun, and grow together. You’ll find the link-up guidelines below. But know I hold to them with a very ridged commitment to flexibility.

Jenny and I are thrilled you’re here. We hope this weekly blog party is an encouragement to you. Inspired writers write and they keep writing. So share your amazing posts, connect with other incredible writers, share what you’re learning in the comments (we always love learning from you), cheer each other on, and then get back to the real work—the writing!

Wishing you an incredible week!

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4 thoughts on “Inspired Writers: Find your writing inspiration and keep it!”

  1. Writing communities are the best–especially virtual ones where we don’t have to worry about COVID-19 ;), or travel, etc. I look forward to meeting new writers here in your space :).

    1. Yes! With all that’s going on right now, our family is doing more virtual than ever before. Thank you for stopping by and for being the first to join in. I’m diving back into blogging after quite the hiatus. I’m super excited about getting reconnected to old blogging friends and making new ones.

  2. Hello Jed! I found your blog on Dee’s Unlimited Monthly Link Party. I love the idea that we write to remind ourselves what we need to know. Sometimes I feel a little guilty that I am being selfish by writing what I need to hear, or I worry that people might think I have perfected what I am suggesting they try…but you are exactly right, I often write what I need to be reminded of, and I hope that will be useful to others as well. Thank you for that reassurance. Take care.

    1. Hey Christie, it’s great to connect! I’m so glad this is helpful. I think most writers struggle with imposter syndrome one some level. The older I get, the more I like the idea of the leader being a sherpa or a guide. I’ve by no means perfected what I teach, but hopefully, I’ve learned enough to be one or two steps ahead. From that perspective, I love helping, supporting, encouraging, and equipping others on their journey. It’s amazing how freeing this simple mindset shift is.

      Wishing you an incredible week and thank you for stopping by this link-up!

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