The Best Advice on Marriage Quotes for Happily Married Couples

The Best Advice on Marriage Quotes: With Conversation Starters

What’s the best marriage advice ever? We believe the best marriage advice is the wisdom you’ll actually use. After all, even the most excellent advice is useless until it’s applied. Some people have a way with words. In this article, we offer only the most eloquent marriage tips. Here’s our list of the best advice in marriage quotes. First, you’ll find a quote with timeless marriage wisdom. This is followed by an explanation of why this is good marriage advice. Next, we invite you and your loved one to dive deeper with conversation starters for a happy marriage. Finally, take action and be a happily married couple.

The Best Advice on Marriage Quotes—These people said it best!

Advice on marriage quote
Advice on Marriage: Don’t be kind of married. Go all in! This is what healthy couples do!
1. “If I get married, I want to be very married.” ~Audrey Hepburn

Why this is good marriage advice: Some couples act like they are kind of married. You have probably seen these couples before. They are kind of together, kind of interested in one another—well, maybe—and kind of seem like a couple. In other words, there is something half-hearted about their relationship. This quote is a good reminder that not all marriages are created equal. Couples can act kind of married, or they can go all in. Our takeaway is don’t be kind of married. Fully commit, and choose to be very married.

Conversation Starters for a Happy Marriage:
  • What does a very married couple look like to you? Describe how this couple acts at home, on dates, at work, and while visiting with friends.
  • Describe a time you felt very married (Or a time you were with your spouse and felt like all was right with the world).
  • What are some things I do that make you feel very married? How do I show you our love is real?
2. “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” ~Mignon McLaughlin

Why this is good marriage advice: Fairy tales try to convince us that after the wedding, love is a done deal. Metaphorically speaking, couples are supposed to ride into the sunset on a white horse and live happily ever after. If only love were that simple. Mignon reminds us that a successful marriage takes work. Falling in love is not a one-time event but an ongoing process. So get intentional about falling in love with your spouse again and again. That’s good marriage advice!

Conversation Starters for a Happy Marriage:
  • Describe the moment you knew you were in love with me. How did you know?
  • When is a recent time you felt deeply in love? What made this moment so meaningful to you?
  • What are some small things we do to renew our love throughout the week?
Advice on marriage quote
Advice on Marriage: Fall in love with your spouse every day.
Advice on Marriage: Embrace your weird, quirky side. Happily married couples have fun together.
3. “People are weird. When we find someone with weirdness that is compatible with ours, we team up and call it love.” ~Dr. Seuss

Why this is good marriage advice: Everyone has a quirky side. And we can’t think of anyone better to call couples to embrace their own weirdness than Dr. Seuss. Accepting who you are as a couple—weirdness and all—is excellent marriage advice. Being quirky at times is so much more fun than being just like everyone else. Dr. Seuss reminds us that it’s perfectly acceptable for couples to team up and embrace their quirky side.

Conversation Starters for a Happy Marriage:
  • Describe a few quirks you have that you like.
  • What are a few quirky things you love about your partner?
  • In what ways are you weird (or outside the norm) as a couple? How does embracing your uniqueness add to your marriage?
4. “A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short.” ~Andre Maurois

Why this is good marriage advice: According to Psychology Today, communication problems are the top reason couples go to therapy. Thousands of people type the question, “Is silent treatment abuse?” into search engines each month. Bad communication hurts. But good communication is an ongoing source of joy. Andre’s statement makes our Best Avice on Marriage Quotes list because he reminds us to keep the lines of communication open. Happy couples find creative ways to maintain joyful conversations.

Conversation Starters for a Happy Marriage:
  • In your opinion, how well do we communicate as a couple? Why?
  • When we aren’t communicating well, how would you like me to reach out to reconnect? This is often described as a repair attempt.
  • Describe a favorite time of connecting and talking together. What do you think made this such a happy moment?
Advice on Marriage Quotes
Advice on Marriage: Keep talking. Healthy couples keep the lines of communication open.
Advice on Marriage: Expect the best! And choose to believe you got the better end of the marriage deal. Happily married couples maintain a positive perspective.
5. “A good marriage is one where each partner secretly suspects they got the better deal.” ~Unknown

Why this is good marriage advice: John Gottman’s marriage research shows that happy, stable couples strengthen their friendship. Doing this allows them to stay in a positive perspective. This marriage advice quote alludes to keeping a positive perspective. When each partner secretly believes he or she got the better deal, that couple is obviously on the lookout for what their loved one is doing right. Marriages are meant to be celebrated! When both partners act like they got the better end of the deal, happiness increases.

Conversation Starters for a Happy Marriage:
  • In what ways did you get the better deal in this marriage? Go ahead. Let your loved one know that, in many ways, you married up!
  • In what ways are the two of us best friends?
  • What are some ways the two of us could strengthen our friendship this year? (Brainstorm ideas as a couple. Then, pick one of your happy marriage idea to try.)
6. “To be fully seen by somebody, then, and be loved anyhow—this is a human offering that can border on miraculous.” ~Elizabeth Gilbert

Why this is good marriage advice: We define intimacy as into-me-see, or the ability to peer into your loved one’s inner world. Intimacy is most powerful when it goes both ways. This means you’re drawing your loved one out while simultaneously allowing yourself to be known. A combination of physical and emotional into-me-see is what the human heart longs for. And it does, indeed, border on the miraculous. Elizabeth’s statement makes our Best Advice on Marriage Quotes list because it reminds couples how important deep—share your inner-world—communication is in marriage.

Conversation Starters for a Happy Marriage:
  • How easy (or difficult) is it for you to share your inner world with me? Why do you think this is?
  • How can I make it easier for you to share what’s on your heart?
  • How are you really? And How are we as a couple? These are two excellent share-your-inner-world questions. We know a few happily married couples who ask them regularly.
Advice on Marriage: Healthy couples connect on a deeper level. So communicate with into-me-see. Know your partner and allow yourself to be known.
Conversation Starters for a Happy Marriage
Advice on Marriage: Happily married couples forgive fast! If the issue won’t matter a year from now, refuse to let the hurt linger.
7. “A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers.” ~Ruth Bell Graham

Why this is good marriage advice: Do happily married couples fight? Of course! Even the happiest of couples disagree. Which is why this marriage quote is so important. The marriage statistics say that 69 percent of things couples disagree about are perpetual problems. This means that when we chose our spouse, we are also choosing the relationship challenges we will face for the rest of our life. If you chose a different partner, the research says you’d simply have a different 69 percent of relationship problems to deal with. This means the grass really isn’t greener on the other side. It’s also why being a good forgiver is so important. So forgive fast! And when you get stuck in marriage problems, negotiate with your spouse like you’re negotiating with someone you love.

Conversation Starters for a Happy Marriage:
  • How easy (or difficult) is it for you to apologize? Why do you think this is?
  • Growing up, do you remember hearing your parents apologize? What was “normal” in your home in regards to saying “I’m sorry”?
  • Are there any old hurts that are really hard for you to forgive? If so, what are they, and how can I help?
8. “Great marriages are contagious. If you want one, surround yourself with couples who have one.” ~Anonymous

Why this is good marriage advice: Attitudes are contagious. Happy couples spend the majority of their time around happy friends. Because spending too much time around unhappy couples is likely to negatively influence your marriage, happy couples set healthy boundaries around how much time they spend with de-energizing friends. This anonymous tip is a Best Marriage Advice Quote because our friends are a major influence in our lives. Happily married couples choose their friends wisely.

Conversation Starters for a Happy Marriage:
  • Who are some of our best friends? Are these friends more energizing or de-energizing to our marriage?
  • Who is the most connected couple you know? What do you think this couple is doing right in their relationship?
  • What happily married couples do you think we should spend more time with? Why?
Best Marriage Friendship Quotes
Advice on Marriage: Choose your friends wisely. Happily married couples have happily married friends.
Best Marriage Advice Quotes on Dating
Advice on Marriage: Healthy couples never stop dating.
9. “If you want to have a great marriage, don’t ever stop dating your wife, and don’t ever stop flirting with your husband.” ~Anonymous 

Why this is good marriage advice: Happy couples do the same types of things to keep their partner as they did to attract their partner in the first place. In our survey of nearly 150 couples, we learned that the little things are big things. Happy couples said they laugh together often. They hold hands. They engage in enjoyable activities simply to spend time in one another’s presence. As relationship expert, John Gottman, says, they do small things often. We love this marriage advice quote because it’s a reminder to keep doing the little things that matter so much.

According to The Normal Bar: The Surprising Secrets of Happy Couples and What They Reveal About Creating a New Normal in Your Relationship, “Romance is the pleasurable feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.” The best part is creating this mysterious feeling isn’t all that complicated. “Loving gestures produce pleasure and deep feelings of excitement, love, and connection. The connection feelings intense—special and intrinsically magical.” So keep dating and doing the little things that stir up this mysterious feeling of romance. You and your loved one will be happy you did!

Conversation Starters for a Happy Marriage:
  • What are some of the little things in our marriage that matter the most to you?
  • What are some of your favorite past dates with me?
  • Describe some activities you’d like to do as a couple in the future. Don’t be afraid to dream big!
10. “The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret.” ~Henny Youngman

Why this is good marriage advice: Happy couples are growing couples. Henny’s quote makes our list of best marriage advice quotes because it’s a reminder to keep growing. Your loved one is always changing—and so are you. Neither of you will ever get marriage down pat. As the seasons of life progress, the very best marriage advice for you will change.

Conversation Starters for a Happy Marriage:
  • Which marriage advice quote is most meaningful for you right now? Why do you think this is?
  • How are you and your loved one growing together this year?
  • What else would you like to do to improve our marriage and grow as a couple?
The Secret of a Happy Marriage Quote
Advice on Marriage: Healthy couples don’t look for one happy marriage secret. Instead, they keep learning and growing.

The Best Marriage Advice

What’s the best marriage advice? We think this is it! Or at least it’s an excellent start. These are the best marriage advice quotes we’ve found so far. And we think your relationship can only improve by putting these marriage tips into action. So what marriage advice quote will move the needle the most for you? After you decide, take action. The big secret of happily married couples is they continuously improve their relationship little by little.

Tony Robbins uses the acronym CANI for Constant and Never Ending Improvement. This is also excellent marriage advice. Healthy couples never stop growing. If a few marriage advice quotes were enough, everyone would have a happy marriage. So keep talking. And put each piece of marriage wisdom into action because creating a happy marriage is an ongoing process and not a one-time event.

Now it’s time to do the work and be a happily married couple!

Oh, and for more creative conversation starters for couples, be sure to check out Questions to Ask: 71 Conversations to Help Your Relationship Grow and Conversation Starters about Money, Finances, and Saving.

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