Becoming Brave

Help your kids be brave and do hard things!

How can parents help their kids be brave and do hard things? I wrote Becoming Brave: How Little Buffalo Finds Courage because I don’t want fear to hold my children back. Instead, my hope is they will be brave and do hard things.

Like most dads, my first wish is that my children are happy and that their lives are always smooth. However, my work as a counselor has taught me that life is never that easy. A few weeks ago, I had coffee with a pastor who eloquently stated, “Everyone carries around a bowl of tears.” This wise pastor is right.

I wish it were not true—but it is. At times, life is hard. This is true for me, and it is true for my kids. The good news is that challenges can accelerate growth. In fact, I already see how the difficulties my kids have faced are increasing their kindness, compassion, and wisdom.

Be Brave

Since it is impossible to shield my children from all hardships, the next best thing is to help them learn to be brave, run through life’s storms, and grow in the process. This is why I wrote Becoming Brave. This book teaches four courage-building skills that I am excited to pass on to my children. 

If you enjoy the book, I would appreciate it if you would take a moment to write a brief review on Amazon or share the book with a friend. Kids will love the colorful illustrations and this engaging story. Parents will appreciate the opportunity to talk to their children about being brave and doing hard things. I sure appreciate your help in getting this book launch off to a strong start, and am thrilled to partner with you on this journey of raising courageous kids!

Sincerely, Jed

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