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Hey, my amazing blogging friends! Jenny and I recently put together our longest blog post ever. It’s a nearly 7,000-word post, packed with infographics and free printable posters and coloring. We know that in these times of high stress, families are hurting. We long to be part of the solution. This is where we could youse your help. Jenny and I pack this post with a ton of value! Would you help us pass on this value to your audience too?

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Self-Care for Kids Infographic
Designed by ITHRIVE320

Designed by iThrive320

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52 Self-Care Ideas Infographic

52 Self-Care Ideas for Kids Infographic
Designed by ITHRIVE320

Created by ITHRIVE320

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Self-Care For Kids Mandala

Go Slow - Self-Care for Kids Mandala
Designed by ITHRIVE320


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Signs of Childhood Stress Infographic:

Five Signs of Childhood Stress
Designed by ITHRIVE320

Designed by ITHRIVE320

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  • For practical self-care ideas, check out The Ultimate Guide to Self-Care for Kids.
  • You can find a ton of creative self-care resources for your child, here.
  • Use these creative ideas to help your child learn simple self-care strategies, fast.

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